Children's Consignment Shop

Located in South Williamsport

Most Wanted Items

  • Crib sheets
  • Cloth diapers
  • Baby walkers and highchairs
  • Exersaucers and jumperoos
  • New in box toys
  • Gymboree sets - the more to it, the merrier!

Spring and summer items are now being put out daily. Stop in often for the best selection because every day is a new and different day with us.

We will begin taking SPRING/SUMMER consignments in March. Please prepare your consignment drop-off according to our guidelines on the "About" page. FULL consignments not prepared and ready to tag will be returned to you. Limit of 1 box or bag per consignor in March - no more than 50 items.



March 10th-March 15th: 60% off LONG SLEEVES (excluding infant sleepers and onesies and spring jackets), WINTER FABRICS including FLEECE, FLANNEL, CORDUROY, KNIT SWEATER, and VELVET, and WINTER PATTERNS AND PICTURES. 70% off WINTER COATS!